About Us

Innovation created humans and technologies
Keep one step ahead of what the generation needs

OHJI RUBBER & CHEMICALS CO., LTD. started operation in 1957 and have been growing to meet customer’s needs as a technology-oriented company.
OHJI continue to manufacture high quality products according to sophisticated technology and know-how based on our experience, and currently OHJI is realized one of the highest qualities in the world.
We will continue to create the highest value with our customers for the society and our future.


Rubber materials are manufactured in OHJI as our original reliable and experienced formulation, which is OHJI brand rubber.
OHJI is a global supplier with having consistent production system from design to R&D, manufacturing and after service.

  • 1.Trust and Reputation with60years history

    The essence of technology built from predecessors and OHJIs’ mind have been growing based on our company’s policy “Challenge and Creation” is still alive in our manufacturing now and forever.

  • 2.Specialized Products and
    No.1domestic share

    OHJI anti-corrosive lining with secures domestic top share, abundant overseas projects and our technology boast to the world.
    In addition, OHJI is business developing of our own high value product such as water swelling rubber, large-diameter abrasion resistant hose and oil transfer hose.

  • 3.Global Business Pioneerin rubber industry

    OHJI have entered to global business in 1980’s earlier than other companies, and currently OHJI VALUE spreads over 50 countries around the world.
    We make full use of the worldwide network to expand our global business, not only base in China and Thailand but also other Asian countries.


  • Rubber and Resin Lining

    OHJI anti-corrosive lining is domestic top share, experienced overseas projects and our technology boast to the world.

  • Rubber Hose

    OHJI produce hand-made rubber hose and expansion for industrial heavy-duty application to meet customer’s wide needs.

  • Rubber & Plastic Extrusion

    OHJI rubber/ plastic extrusion is hybrid division with flexible production system to comply with recent market needs of a variety of products in small quantities.

  • Rubber Molding

    OHJI supply the various value-added products, such as seal for civil engineering, shock absorbers, mats and so on.

Product Field

OHJI manufacture and supply Industrial rubbers and plastic products that useful our daily life for chemical plant construction, transportation and Electric Appliance/OA industry.