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Vehicle/Ship Products

Products mainly employed in vehicle and vessel fields

Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining

Excellent chemical & abrasion resistance. We undertake small-sized pipes, large-sized equipment like FGD and overseas projects.


All-purpose CR sponge. Excellent physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and compression set.

Super High-Spo

CR sponge covered with solid rubber of 0.8mm thickness. Strong performance for repeated compression & external damages.


Rubber sponge & solid made of CR, EPDM and SBR. Various products are available for your needs.


Plastic extrusion made of PVC, PE, PP, ABS, EVA and PET. Various products are available for your needs.


Special coating of 0.1mm thickness gives great smoothness to the material surface, which originally does not have.

Flame Retardant Rubber

Flame retardant rubber conformed to Material Combustion Test
for Vehicles of Railroad & UL-94. Suitable for sealing for railroad vehicle.


Rubber mat made of high-quality rubber. Very strong mat excellent in weather resistance.
Elastic body prevents injury at slipping.