Workplace strategy of OHJI RUBBER

To Create Good Working Environment

We have put "Provate Sector Emplayer Action Plan" into effect in accordance with "Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation".
We have organized the system to help workers balance "WORK" & "FAMILY" and "WORK" & "CHILD-CARE", and encouraged them to utilize it without any worries.

Measure against Reform Promotion Project of Workplace Environment

  • Make an announcement by the person who is on behalf of president
  • Carry out training to the managerial class
  • Eencourage workers to utilize the support system for the balancing two
  • Reconsider employment management, such as working hours etc
  • Motivate workers

Volleyball Tournament

Simultaneous cleaning

QMS training workshop

New employee training workshop

Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification.

In 2002, OHJI RUBBER & CHEMICALS have acquired ISO 9001 certification, an international quality management standard.

Registration number


Registration range

1)Civil engineering/ Construction/ Electricity/ Formulation design and manufacturing for Rubber extrusion of general industry, Hose, Molding press products
2)Formulation design, manufacturing and construction of lining products
3)Manufacturing of plastic extrusion products for civil engineering, construction

ISO 9001 certification

Quality policy

Basic quality policy of OHJI RUBBER & CHEMICALS.
We offer reliable products to meet customer needs placing the first priority on the quality.

Environmental policy

OHJI RUBBER & CHEMICALS have established the following basic policy , in order to contribute environmental problems for the future according to working together with all employees on the effective use of resources and product development, and continuing environmental management activities.

  • 1.In the course of our activities, mainly in the production of our products and services, we implement environmental management activities the following items affecting the environment as priority management items.
    • Continued resources-saving
    • Propulsion of energy-saving activities
    • Reduction of waste (initiatives of "ZEROE MISSION")
    • Development of environmentally friendly products
    • Ensuring initiatives to chemical substances in products