Rubber Molding
High Specific Gravity Rubber

High Specific Gravity Rubber

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Effective for low frequency sound insulation too!

What is transmission loss?

The difference in sound pressure level between the sound incident on a material such as a wall and the sound transmitted through the material is called "transmission loss" and is expressed in Decibels (dB).
The higher value of transmission loss, the better sound insulation performance.

What is dB (Decibel)?

The intensity of sound is expressed in unit of dB (decibel).
Generally, 40-50dB is an acceptable level, and above 60dB, most people feel uncomfortable and noisy.
Whisper is about 40dB, television sound is about 60dB and sound in underground train is about 90dB.

Choice of materials

(Natural rubber)
(chloroprene rubber)
Hardness(A Type Durometer) A 73 A 76
Specific gravity 2.98 3.02
Tensile strength(MPa) 4.44 3.74
Elongation at break(%) 420 580

What is a Hz (Hertz)?

Sound is caused by vibration of air. Vibrations have a repeating pattern and the number of vibrations (frequency) is called the Hz (Hertz).
The pitch of sound is determined by the number of vibrations (waves) per second; the more vibrations (waves) per second, the higher the sound.
Generally, human audible range is between 20,000 to 200,000 Hz (depending on individual).