Rubber & Plastic Extrusion
Flame Retardant Rubber

Flame Retardant Rubber

Proper Application

Rubber products for railroad vehicle

Low smoke emission EPDM tubes

Superior heat and weather resistance provide high performance even in high-temperature environments or outdoor expousure.
The material produces less smoke and generates less toxic gas at buring compared to general purpose rubber.

Flame Retardant Rubber
Flame Retardant Rubber

EN45545-2(R22) Test

Comply with the new European railway standard EN45545-2.Fireprotection in rail vehicles -requirement sets R22(Risk level HL2).

Test methods Test results Criteria Remarks
Oxygen index(%) ISO 4589-2 31.6 > 28  
Smoke generation ISO 5659-2 270 < 300 Specimen in 1mm thickness
Toxicity NF X70-100 0.23 < 0.9  

Physical Properties

Normal condition test(Curing condition 150℃×20min)

Tensile strength(MPa) 5.22
Elongation at break(%) 510
Hardness A72
Specific gravity 1.42

Aging test(Curing condition 70℃×96h)

Percentage change of tensile strength(%) 3
Percentage change of elongation at break(%) -12
Change in hardness 1

Conforming to JIS K 6251、6253-3、6257 standard

Flame Retardant Rubber

Solid solo, composite of solid and sponge, hollow shape, tubing
Various shapes are available
*Material Combustion Test for Vehicles of Railroad: Non-Inflammable
*UL94: V-0 Equivalent

Flame Retardant Rubber
Flame Retardant Rubber
Flame Retardant Rubber
Flame Retardant Rubber